random nexus blitz thoughts

i really love the mode, lotta fun and i'm looking forward to see what else is planned. aaand just in case it DOES come back, i just had some ideas. you know on the very first doom bots, when garens came out of bushes spinning? make that a reward. blessing of demacia. please. maybe lux ults from turrets too (blessing of light?). or add some doom bots as event bosses maybe. another event could be "duels", champs are split up and teleported into 5 closed arenas, forced to 1v1 an enemy. if you win your 1v1, another arena "unlocks" for you and you can help a teammate(because soraka will rarely win that). if one leaves their specific arena they take damage like in the battle royale modes(being in another arena outside of your fight doesnt count, shen). though i think that might be hard on the technical side....just a few midnight suggestions. good night, keep that work up rito!
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