[FEEDBACK] Concerning Morgana's Skins

I've been an off-and-on Morgana main from the moment I started playing this game in Season 2. I joined this game literally because I saw Morgana as a character and fell in love with her. I would not have chosen to play this game otherwise. As such, I have been waiting patiently and praying for her to get a visual update for as long as I can remember. Now that it is here, I find myself disappointed. In regards to the treatment of her skins, it feels like there was an unequal amount of effort put into hers versus other visual updates of the past. It's great that the models have been updated to be more seamless and all, but they're lacking in terms of particles. I have grievances with a few of them, of which I will outline below. (Note: I am aware I'm not the only one to bring some of these complaints up, but being as I have waited several years and all of my friends have been hyping this up for me since seven months ago when it was announced the update was coming, I just wanted to put my feelings down on paper, so to speak). Before I begin on skins, my only complain about Base Morgana is how the textures of the feathers on her outfit and her dragging wings look much more like fur. It gives her the effect of having a furry tail, not long wings. 1. **Haunt Chromas**. Visually speaking, these are fine. I did post in the Bug Thread, however, that when you walk into a bush, the chromas disappears and you are back to being base Morgana. 2. **Exiled**. This was the skin I was most excited for, as it tends to be my "lucky skin" when I play. I'm not entirely happy with the theme, but otherwise I think the model is good. I am upset that her spells are still purple, as they don't match the skin at all. If you went through the effort of keeping her red and gold auto-attacks, I feel like it would make the skin much better if the rest of her particles were also red/gold. I wanted that on the old skin, and I know many other Morgana players feel the same, as I've seen that requested plenty of times through the forums. I don't think it's too much to ask for just a color change when Blood Moon Akali (which is also 975) got a ton of fancier particles. 3. **Sinful Succulence**. This skin feels like the _most_ mediocre out of them all. The splash art hypes up this idea of burning baked goods, but in game it doesn't feel like that promise is delivered. It just feels like base Morgana in a different outfit. Other Culinary Masters skins feel much more in-tune with the universe (Akali, Olaf, Leona). This doesn't feel worth the 975 price tag when Pantheon's (_which is the same price!_) has a recall and particles that make the skin FEEL like he is a baker. I think it would be cool if Morgana had some cookie-dough particles for her pool, or maybe she throws a burnt cookie for the projectile particle in her snare. This skin deserves some small quality of life changes. 4. **Blackthorn**. This one was my personal favorite skin before the update. I don't like how you went through the effort of removing base morgana's skirt-and-bra outfit only to put it back on both Exiled (which already had it so I can't complain) and Blackthorn, which used to be a full-body gown. It feels forced to have her suddenly be half-dressed. I'd like her planty bodice to be returned. I also miss the falling leaves coming from her wings and her spells, and the special death animation she used to have. This could have been her best skin, but now she doesn't look her best. I would love to see the return of the special animation of her dress' thorn tendrils digging into the ground when she stops moving, as well. It made the skin feel more alive. It feels very lackluster for a 1350 skin. 5. **Ghost Bride**. Ghost bride's particles and dress feel way better than they used to. I'm thrilled that the recall was kept, and even improved upon! My only complaint is that the splash art's face looks very strange...and that her waist is still very tiny in it. The skin itself in game is perfect, though. Great Job! 6. **Lunar Wraith**. This one used to be my least favorite due to how bad the dress itself looked. Now, this one looks and feels the best as far as designs and particles though. It's amazing that her snare changes COLOR. So cool! The jade on her wings is dope, though it doesn't look like jade when she moves because the wings still flex as if they weren't solid. 7. **Blade Mistress**. The outfit itself is cool, and her wings are well-textured, though i wish they didn't flex how they did because they're supposed to be metal (same issue as Lunar Wraith, but it's minor). My only feedback for the model is to maybe make her hair less bright, because it doesn't look hot pink in the splash art. 8. **Bewitching**. Honestly, the update fixed a lot of the issues I had with the original's design. Her hat is finally bigger! Her wings don't look like they're plastic! Her dress looks more witchy elvira and less party city pirate! I'm so happy with this. The animation on her recall is so much smoother, which is great. Though, every time I've tried it, I've only gotten devil teemo in the cauldron. Does she still get joke items in her cauldron?? I haven't been able to trigger any thusfar. 9. **Victorious**. This is the only skin I do not currently own, and I haven't been able to test it on the PBE. However, I have watched the videos showcasing it, and I find her wings to be a little large and clunky? But it's a minor complaint. Thank you for reading through what I had to say, and thank you for finally updating my favorite character in the game.
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