Battleborn Kayle VFX Feedback

So first off, I'm very glad Riot has decided to actually update the VFX for Kayle's skins (I'm especially happy the swords from the ult match now), and I really have no problems with the other ones so far aside from Battleborn Kayle. I am also understanding that this all my subjective opinion, and people's ideas may differ (the Reddit post had mixed feelings), but I'd like to get my feedback in before it's too late. Onto the new VFX critique * I think it's nice that this skin is getting the opposite colors from Exiled Morgana, which serves as a nice contrast between both of them * The model's VFX I don't think matches together well with the actual ability effects. The VFX looks more like a ghostly purple color (Ex. like ghost type pokemon like [Gengar]( rather than the blue color of the skill effects. Another thing that it sort of reminds me of is Lunar Eclipse Leona (where you can see the color scheme is more purple). * The "flame" like wave effect moving across the wings makes the wings looks sort of discolored or patch like, rather than a cool pulsating effect. It's like seeing a blue sky dotted with clouds, it feels like there's no set pattern that makes it look more fitting. Another way I thought of is like an animated Rorschach test, where the ink swishes around, but you know it won't really settle in a pleasant way. The effect worked previously since it was basically mimicking actual fire, which does move around in colors, and the more prominent red/orange/yellow colors matched with the white better. But here it just looks like there's only a contrast of the blue and wisp and patches of white running throughout the wings. * The skill VFX I've noticed have been reused from Silver and Riot Kayle. I personally don't think the more electric blue of the abilities fits with the skin. Now it might look better if the model VFX matched it, but for now I don't see it as very fitting. I can understanding the time saving aspect, and I'd prefer this change to no change, but I think it would be better to differentiate it more. * The new glow on the sword makes the non-glowing part of the sword very strange looking. The hilt and gold point running through the middle of the blade from the hilt sticks out really weird in contrast with the glow. The blade appears almost etherial, which contrasts the solid appearance from the main body. That sums up my criticism of the VFX so far. Below is various directions I think the VFX could be taken. * The VFX on the model might better match with the effects with a darker blue color (best google search I could find of the colors would be like a deep ocean blue color) * The wing effect might look better if the colors were like moving in a slider instead of swirling around. I'm not saying the wings should be a single uniform color and change around, I mean like if the different colors of the wing kind of moved in waves rather than kind of crackling about. * A more out there way I think the skin's direction could take is more ice themed (not aqua or colors like the ocean I mentioned earlier). Examples like ice type Pokemon [Articuno](émon)) or [Regice](émon)) . I'm sort of walking a thin line, because the colors are getting close to snow, which is not something I would like to imply as much (snow is more stark white and soft, way to opposite from the harden theme). I think this could fit without intruding much with the Silver Kayle skin (which is more soft and angelic) and Riot Kayle (which is much darker and electric blue). That's my complete thoughts about the VFX, although as an extra aside that still bothers me about the skin is the sword in general. Feel free to skip this over, but I would also like to get my thoughts out on this anyway since we're still on topic of skin changes (this is a copy and paste of what I wrote on Reddit). I'd go even deeper into it, but it's just an afterthought at this point, and I've already put way too much time with the above. * My expectations from the splash was something like the Farron Greatsword, but in-game it's what I recall someone calling it like the Armorslayer. Now I wouldn't mind having a divergent type of sword from the other skins, but the sword just seems oversized for me. The sword is just about the same size as her body, so it takes up a lot of visual room. This would be less of an issue if the sword wasn't so plain looking, so it's just detracting from the overall appeal of the skin for me. I'd rather have the size of the sword reduced, or at least not have the sword grow in width from hilt to point and keep it straight. Or make the sword more detailed (sharper points on the hilt, more metallic shine on the sword).

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