Okay so I know it's only the PBE server and it's not like one should care to win 100% of the time, however, it's not practical to beta test when every lobby there is someone who will afk, intentionally feed, or grief the game completely. It's tough to counter this because there are basically no reprecussions. I have reported plenty of people but I'd bet that they go on and ruin other peoples' games as well. I don't understand why they do it but it's not my place to understand. I do think there should be more requirements to beta test on the PBE server to hopefully avoid the people who just go on to mess around. It's a game where people should have fun overall, yes, but to just play to feed and int and make the game less enjoyable for others is another thing. There will never be anything done without action taken. Honor level 3 is just not enough. I've played games where someone will leave just because their farm was taken or they'll rage quit after feeding, and there is nothing that can be done. I enjoy playing League in my freetime and I will continue to do so. However, the community is so toxic and it makes it difficult to actually enjoy my time playing. I suggest more requirements to make an account on the PBE, such as a higher honor level, total play time, and maybe even an age limit. Literally anything. Getting players with 10 deaths in the first 10 minutes and completely snowballing games is unfair to the teammates who care. It would also be nice if there were reprecussions for poor behavior on the PBE as I've been told no one genuinely cares to take action on bad players. Why even have the report option if nothing will ever happen? Anyway, that's my TED Talk. GGWP
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