Summoners Rift Visual Update Questions

Hello PBE Community, I'd have preferred to post this in the NA forums where the majority of this topic is discussed, but I'm from the LAS server and can't post there, I though the Community beta was international but I guess I was wrong as I could not log in there too. So, my last resort is posting here on the PBE community, as I have a PBE account. I have some questions about the Summoner's Rift VU that couldn't make it to the Q&A: - Will towers with hp regen rebuild visually too? - It has been repeated several times that the game will run on any computer that runs the game already, but will the map load faster? (Is it loading faster or slower in the tests right now? Some games take like 3 minutes to load) - The map looks pretty advanced in the development, any ETA for when it will hit PBE? (Not live, PBE). It already looks fully playable, with no big bugs. - Will you consider adding minions spawn animations? (not jungle camps, team minions) - Is the map easily readable when you are dead and everything is kinda black and white? - Did you used this time to also see the code in drawing all the graphics or improve code in general? (Why does it always crash or freezes after pressing the continue button?) Thanks for reading, pardon my english. AgustinB14 ({{champion:34}} Ice - LAS)
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