god king garen's crown looks a little too flashy and has an unclean q animation and w visual

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right after activating decisive strike (q) garen does a weird thing where he raises up the sword for a fraction of a second and then immediately drops to the stance for his q as he is running. it looks a bit weird because it either looks like (1) an animation that doesnt belong there or (2) an incomplete and totally unsmooth animation that goes from raising his sword (channeling?) to readying it to strike. ^not a major issue but fixing it will help smooth out the q animation same issue, right after activating w, the 4 shields that rotate around garen for a fraction of a second seem a bit too plain and weird and squat, something that doesnt really belong on a legendary, at is seems to be the exact same model on his other non particle changing skins (compare https://gyazo.com/898c984dc9d1aa3ad3e4cf762274b4dc to https://gyazo.com/9fcde6e06348e7d7b84ca4223121be14 ). maybe it would help to swap it out or detail it more? ^not a major issue but will increase the quality of the w cast and bring that part of the ability up to legendary skin standards also idk if it is just me but the crown looks a bit flashy and weird from a distance, just the 3 triangles in bright white, maybe can recolor some parts of the crown to make it just a bit more detailed but otherwise it looks cool (doubt this will be changed but will like to point that out) i did a little editing from a screenshot of the skin (current https://gyazo.com/e2167fc97bb45ac29fac48e1e6f3a49a vs https://gyazo.com/aeb254081139874b8797605393bdb78d ) sorry for ranting but the skin is too good not to stare at and find dumb shit like this lol

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