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Lunar Wraith Morgana Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends
This is a teaser spotlight of Lunar Wraith Morgana with ingame gameplay! Purchase RP here and help support this channel via the amazon affiliate program (NA): Skin name is CONFIRMED as Lunar Wraith Morgana, particles & SFX may not be final. Check out the other skins in this cycle.
So, I just tested the Lunar Wraith Morgana skin and I noticed that her Q in the rework doesn't have that "wolfie" sound the old one used to have. I'm kinda sad since that made the skin super unique. Since it is pre-release, I really hope they'll add that back to it. For comparison, the old one: Also, while testing all her skins, this one is the one that looks prettier (to me). Her "tail" looks a lot more like wings when comparing to the other ones (except Victorious). Even so, her bottom wings still look like a detail of her dress. It's better than the other ones, just not sold yet. I wish they looked a little bit more like when she ults (color scheme and the golden detail should be there). Basically, the skin is beautiful - the only downs are her bottom wings and the Q SFX. Something about other skins: - Base: her face in the recall is a bit much. Tone it down a little, like, a little, little, and it would feel a lot better. - Base and all other skins: her bottom wings do not have bones. They move way to freely. Wings dragging on the floor wouldn't look like that. It should be more rigid and feathery not fluid and furry. That said, her lore says these wings are chained - chains she uses to ult. So, where are the chains? Should be there too. an example: _wings made by OCanárioNegro (BR server) dress made by Shuggie_ PS: why does she ALWAYS turns when she stops? It's beautiful and I like it but, why does it always happen? It feels like she's a dancer - Blackthorn: bottom wings look like a dragon tail. Reminds me of a recolored Dragon Sorceress Zyra. Also, I miss the old moving roots (when idle and walking/runing) and the leaves falling in her spells. That is what made the skin for me, and it's just missing right now. A little bit more volume for her gown wouldn't hurt either. I'm kinda disappointed with the recall, feels too "funny", I guess. - Ghost Bride: she has a tail. That is definitely not wings. Furry, furry tail. I wish the Q VFX had more white to it, like the old one. Just to feel more like a "ghost" spell. I definitely like the thingy on the center of it, I just think it would be better if it were more ghosty. The old one SFX + VFX felt like an expansion to the skin's pain, and I liked that. I also miss her veil, both in game and splash art. Her face in the recall express the theme's pain. It's awesome. - Bewitching: more volume to her dress. The bottom wings color should match the middle ones. The damaged look of the middle ones is awesome, the bottom ones should have it too! The VFX of the skills are perfect. - Exiled: bottom wings have feather texture!!! <3 The only things I would change is to make it not so red. I understand you guys want a bit of a change from the other ones and you should keep that, just not that much. Tone a little down and it would look a lot better! Also, if you guys can make it appear that there are two wings there instead of a feathery tail, it would be amazing. Just a separation of some sort to feel like there's two. The rest of the model looks amazing, though. - Victorious: gorgeous. Only missing some bone structure of the bottom wings, but they look like wings - and they match the other ones! This one is a go. Just make it not so fluid. - Sinful Succulence: bottom wings do not match the other ones color wise. Feels like a tail, 100%. The rest of the model is pretty good. Actually, if you wanted to, you guys could create new VFX and SFX for it and up the RP cost. I'm pretty sure people wouldn't complain - just make it a 1350RP skin and charge for it. I don't have it and if you guys did that, I would buy. For sure. - Blade Mistress: gorgeous model. Almost perfect. This model is one of the prettiest for sure. I just don't get the bottom wings. It feels like a detail of her dress. They should like two things apart from each other. It should have something that shows there are 2 wings there. If you guys want it to be pretty and to be a part of her dress, then it's perfect! If not, it should be different. Definitely it does not look like wings. As you can see, my main problem is her bottom wings. I do really like the models of her skins, if feels new. I just wish they were more lore related - I know they actually are, it just doesn't look like it. The animations are good, I also like her idle pose. I just feel like that it could be better with a few details changed. People should understand that she has chained wings without having to read her lore, that's my point. Other than that, Kayle looks amazing. Only a bit more armor to her body and ding!, a hit to perfection. (and as far as I know they said they're going to do it so... great!)
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