PBE Yuumi

I made this same post on the normal forums but didnt realize there was a pbe forum as well: Guys you almost have her right. Just pick one thing, either get rid of the stupid cast time on her w, it makes her feel SUPER clunky and awkward, or give her a slightly weaker e with less mana costs and her charges back. DONT DO BOTH. I've played hundreds of games of yuumi and this change just the w change makes her feel SUPER awkward. Please either get rid of it, or keep it and give yuumi the charges back and reduce the mana costs on her e. And not going to lie due to how many games I have on her, I think I have enough clout for it to at least mean I know what im talking about with yuumi. ALSO GET RID OF THE STUPID EFFECT IF SHE GETS CC'D HER W GOES ON CD. Make it to where it goes on cd if she csasts it and gets cc'd during the dash Edit2: WHY ON EARTH DOES THE BLAST PLANT PUT YUUMI W ON CD?! Edit 3: Alright so, after playing her a few more times, these w changes make her WORSE than what she already is. I predict her win rate will get EVEN LOWER because of this. Riot. PICK SOMETHING AND RUN WITH IT, stop doing everything at once. She doesnt need her w to go on cd because of a f***ing BLAST PLANT, she doesnt need her w to have a CAST TIME coupled with higher mana costs, low hp and resistances, AND a low mana pool. You people really forget that she has to DEPEND ON THE ADC TO PLAY CORRECTLY to be a useful champ. She is not a champion that needs to be nerfed like this with her MAIN portion of her kit.
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