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As you've may have noticed, we've recently made some changes to the old parties system. Before, parties had really rudimentary functionality: You could invite friends to join if they were eligible, you could select your positions and... that was pretty much it.
HEY THERE WHAT’S UP PBE COMMUNITY QA ANALYST CHUPAACABRA HERE AND TODAY WE’RE GONNA TAKE A LOOK AT THE BRAND NEW OPEN PARTIES FEATURE COMING AT YA IN PATCH 8.5 SO SMASH THOSE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE BUTTONS AND COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR THOUGHTS YOU COOL KIDS HAVE ALRIGHT LET’S GET TO IT FAM **What the heck is an Open Party and why do I care ** Ever get in the mood to play League with a group but don’t like having to send dozens of invites? Do your friends keep afk’ing to make a sandwich instead of inviting more people? We want to help you with that. An Open party will allow anyone in your or any party members’ friends lists to join your lobby. You’ll be able to spot an Open Party in your own friends list through the green highlight that will appear next to friends who are in an Open Party. There will also be information about their lobby in their status message so you know what mode they are playing and how many people they have. If you hover over the player with an Open party in your Friends list, you’ll see more information in their hovercard that tells you who is already in the lobby. This way you can avoid that dingus friend of a friend you really don’t want to play with. To join the party, simply hover over the player with an Open party in your Friends list and click the Join button. You’ll be taken to that player’s lobby! **How do I control whether my party is Open or Closed? ** This is you, a Party captain in an Open Party. As you can see, you have a Party card in the Social panel that indicates what type of lobby you are in and how many people are in it. You can see the Open Party toggle at the top right of the lobby, next to the invite button. Clicking that toggle will close the party. Once you toggle your party Open or Closed, we’ll remember that setting for you until you change it. That way you won’t have to deal with Open parties if you don’t want to, and you can leave Open parties on if you wanna lure in more party members. This is what it looks like when you are in a Closed party. If you want to reopen it, you can simply click the toggle. Note that only the Party captain can change whether a party is open or closed. That’s about it - we’re looking for any bugs or problems you encounter with Open parties while on PBE, or if you have any feedback on the visuals. We thank ya kindly for the help!
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