[TFT} Some things I'm figuring out

Ok... Just a little feedback and somethings I'm thinking about... **Champions: ** _**Pyke**_ - when he ults, champions chase him the entire board, this is annoying. _**Fiora**_ - Lowest HP in-game, not that great damage. I doesn't understand why. Guess its the worst champion. **Comps** _**Knights**_ - 6 champions to reduce only 80 Basic damage, for me the worst comp IMO. any other thing should be ok. should reduces entire damage by some % would be something. _**Demons**_ - This is not such a high chance for mana burn + true damage? I'm thinking the proc chance is kinda high _**Yordles**_ - I just feel sad one item can entire disable a 6 champions comp {{item:3094}} **_ Glacier _** - Stun duration a little too long ;-; **Random box** in the loot rounds; Is it really necessary to go to the box? I think is really unnecessary and boring at all Well... Just my toughts about. if you agree or disagree with any, leave your comment ^~
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