Suggested to tweaks for certain champs & Elder[] So I've posted this on the ARURF post, but posting here to get more feedback from players. Here is the list of champions and changes that I think might need tweaking. **Needs a look:** -[] Elder needs a further nerf, maybe spawn at 10 or 12? the ap and ad scaling is fun tho. (Maybe make elder hurt bad, so that no one champion can easily solo it. it would also make for fun plays at elder pit, like rift in Nexus Blitz) - {{champion:23}} Maybe increase CD for Tryndamere's ult? maybe decrease his healing as well. He's kinda impossible to play against especially with certain champs like MF. it alsmost seem like he has his ULT on all the time. - {{champion:131}} Is too tanky to one-shot everything she touches, You really can't have any adc or anything that is not a tank to last 1 sec with her even when she gets slightly ahead. - {{champion:55}} Kat is another one-shot champion that always goes 30/0 or so every game, it's a nightmare to play against. When I have a kat in my team I just know that we will win, especially if the player is ok with her, doesn't take a pro to carry with her - {{champion:11}} is just over all broken. Can be abused beyond belief. will dive you and Q every single tower shot. the only hope to defeat him is to go 5v1 against him and hope he didn't take elder in 5 seconds, otherwise he's unstoppable one shot machine. **Needs a buff:** - {{champion:37}} Sona was nerfed to hell. she's a no pick pretty much, anything can 1-shot her and she's really miserable early game. (Yi was able to 1 Q me even with zhonya and health items). - {{champion:10}} Kayle Has a pathetic early game, pretty much generally seems week and gets one shot. Her only possible role right now is to be a support, that's it! - {{champion:516}} Ornn is a no pick unfortunately due to the fact that he has no potential. His passive needs to be brought in a few levels lower. instead of 13, make it 9 or so. Because generally games are over before lvl 16 which really is unfair to him compared to other champions that utilize their full potential. - {{champion:86}} Bring him back! with adjustments I might say to balance him. I know he's generally OP, but still fun to see him in ARURF, maybe enable old reverted garen in ARURF? he was okay and fun to play against and with. Also bring back the Golden spatula club![] Let me know what you think of my suggestions, you have some of yours? Nothing I said up there is set in stone, so I might be mistaken about kayle for example, so lmk!
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