Cursor Update on PBE

Hey all, we’re visually updating League’s cursor! The current one is an old classic, but there are a lot of things we want to improve, so let’s talk context. A cursor should always be clearly visible and easy to track on your screen. This one seems obvious, but isn’t always easy to achieve. League often has moments with a lot of visuals competing for our attention, especially in a big teamfights with dozens of spells flying back and forth. The classic cursor can sometimes get lost against the background, because its brown and yellow colors are pretty close to a lot of parts of Summoner’s Rift and its rounded, busier shape can be hard to pick out. We’re hoping the new version is brighter and cleaner, making it easier to see throughout the game. Cursor Comparisons To make it even easier for players to always find the cursor, we’ve also added the ability to scale the size up and down - good news for anyone using a 4K monitor! A cursor should also give us immediate feedback for our actions. For example, the old cursor changes states (shapes and colors) to acknowledge when we’re doing different activities like hovering an enemy or placing a ward. We are still trying a couple different approaches on how to surface this info, and are looking for feedback! Hover Enemy Hover Ally Place Ward **Feedback pls!** The cursor is a feature that every player uses throughout their games, so we are going to give this a couple PBE cycles to soak and respond to feedback. We definitely want to hear your thoughts, especially in a few areas: Do you feel like you’re getting the feedback on your actions that you’re looking for? In what situations do you most notice the changes? **But My Bronze Gauntlet?** We know a lot of people have grown to love the old cursor, so when we ship the update in a few patches, you'll have a "Legacy Cursor" toggle in the options menu allowing you to switch back to... the legacy cursor. When 8.12 hits PBE today, the **Legacy Cursor** toggle will be disabled so we can get as much feedback as possible. We'll add the toggle part way through the cycle so we can make sure that works, too. Once 8.12 gets ready for shipping, both the new cursor and the toggle will vanish from PBE. Then they'll reappear for the 8.13 PBE cycle in a few weeks. We'll repeat this process a few times until the new cursor is ready to ship.
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