Please do a Sewn Chaos to the Battle Boss skins

This is repost from my main acc, but I do hope that Riot will at least look at it here. I don't think I'm a minority in saying Quayaieynaeyaineaya and Yasuo shouldn't get Battleboss skins, it doesn't match the actual skin line at all adn seems like they just picked the new champ and popular champion for skins. I really pray that Riot will do that they did to the Sewn Chaos skins and cancel them, they don't match the design of the skinline and seem to be just be bad. Queyeaienaetyyeaenaya looks alright, Yasuo literally looks horrible in game. Like they took his normal model and color-coated it. Please. just give it to someone who needs it. How about a Battle Boss Bard? Or a Battle Boss Morde? Literally anyone but these dumb champs. I especially hope for the Bard since he needs a good skin so badly that it's not even funny.
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