Unable to connect white screen

Good afternoon Riot Games I'm here today to let you know a problem that I've been getting since I re-downloaded PBE.. When I first played PBE, I never had this error when I tried to connect to a match.. I could load any game normally without any errors, and if for some reason I got the Unable to connect white screen, I could rejoin the game without any problems at all. But when I re-downloaded the PBE to help you guys with bugs and try the new stuff that comes out, I've been getting this error a lot.. The first match I want to play, it always gives me this error: Failed to connect Unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection and attempt to reconnect to your game. And there's no way, at least for me, to reconnect to the game.. I tried restarting my PC, repairing the client just in case some of the files were corrupted, I deactivated my antivirus, re-opened League of Legends.. every possible thing, but none of it worked.. Then, when I try to play a second game, it works just fine.. and then again after three or four matches it gives me the white screen error. I've been talking with a lot of people in the server, and some of them got this error too.. It's pretty annoying to play like this.. You have like no way to solve the problem, like I said I tried so many things to make it work but none of them worked, and the files aren't corrupted either.. I hope you can solve this error, cause I really want to play in the PBE to test out new things, help you out with bugs like I did with Pyke that you solved it, new champs, etc.. Thanks so much for your consideration Summoner: ARG Reaper
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