The Unofficial PBE Discord: Help Desk, Game Nights, Premade Queues, and more! --- #Introduction: Welcome fellow testers! As the name implies, this is the unofficially most official Riot endorsed Discord server out there dedicated to the PBE. We keep the server family friendly as much as possible, so everyone can feel welcome! Queue with premades, discuss recent or upcoming changes, or just have a nice chat. It's pretty much the new Public Chat, with a couple extra features. We even have a dedicated chatroom to answer any questions you have related to PBE! #Basic Rules: Here are a couple of rules for our sever, for a full list, take a look at the welcome page when you join! * Follow the Summoner's Code. * Don't be toxic. * Keep swearing to a minimum and avoid inappropriate discussions. * Don't discriminate, whether it be race, age, gender, or skill. * Seriously, there is only like 10 rules. Don't be that guy. Read them all. Overall, just be a nice guy and treat people with respect. Once again, there is a full rule list on the welcome page when you join the server. #Discord Link: # Here is the link to join the server, below is some additional information on the server! --- #Game Nights and Tournaments: Join us on the weekend around 12 PM (PST) and play some games with the PBE Community. Along with Custom 5v5s, we also tend to do custom gamemodes, similar to Ultimate Bravery, along with 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5 Tournaments. Details on any tournaments will be provided during organization, but we do livestream each event, and similar ones, on our [Twitch Channel.]( We also play other games, such as SketchLeague/Pictionary, ToS, and D&D. #Factions: There are many factions in Runeterra, from the dark undercity of Zaun, to the beautiful lands of Ionia, the mystery of the Shadow Isles, and the courage of Demacia. Add flair and personality to your account with the unique colors and roles. #Maintenance Tracker: Are you stuck tirelessly checking the server status when waiting for a new cycle? Well refresh no more! In our useful information channel, we have a tracker that will tell you when PBE goes offline, along with how long it will most likely be offline, and when it comes back online. #AmyBot: Based on the good 'ol face of the PBE Community, it's AmyBot! This custom bot is the backbone of almost every system on the server. You can get notified whenever people are organizing games on PBE. It runs the faction systems mentioned above. Did you know that most funfacts are just facts that are mildly interesting? Well we have a bunch of those too! #Discord Link: # Have fun and we hope to see you on the Rift sometime! --- #Additional Posts: You can also check out our old update posts for any additional information you may need, or you could ask at our help desk if you have any questions. * [Cycle 7.9]( * [Cycle 7.8]( * [Cycle 7.7]( * [Cycle 7.6]( * [Cycle 7.5]( * [Cycle 7.4]( * [Cycle 7.3]( * [Cycle 7.2]( * [Christmas Break Intermission]( * [Cycle 7.1]( * [Cycle 6.24]( * [Cycle 6.23](

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