Suggestion to speed up TFT games without losing gameplay

Along with everyone else i am loving TFT and cant wait for a ranked system if theres going to be one or atleast live. unlike acutal league i plan on competing in ranked for this. One of the many reasons i never stuck with my few short naive ranked attempts is that I dont consistantly have the time to grind out games, and even the days i do have that time i always wished i could have more control over the amount of games i got to play in my limited time. TFT already gives me the ability to instantly surrender with no one else holding me in game when i clearly know the guy with the stacked whatevers op at the time is going to win (yes i also understand a ranked system for this game will probably be affected by your placing therefore you will want to play it out as far as possible anyway) . What i would really like to see now is a simple Ready TOGGLE(So if you misclick you can undo it) button next to the turn clock. If all players have it set to ready the round moves on. I understand its not very desireable to many people, especially people who are still learning, but again the long term thought is a ranked system. At the very least could shave off 5 minutes a game on average just from the speedy first 4/5 rounds.
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