Ezreal AP nerfs, i want to understand them.

I dont understand those hard nerfs. For me, the ezreal who is totally uneskilled is the ice guantlet+manamune+archangel+botrk+ga ezreal, who can assasin being tanky. But, what is the problem with ap ezreal? farm bad, 0 sustain and its 1 combo and... wait 10 secs untill all is up meanwhile spaming q with liche if you build it. He has very hard damage if snowball... and? I want to know, i understand the w turret damage nerf. But not the ap ratio. Why nerf only AP ezreal? it was used in pros or something? Please, stop deleting different ways to play champs. Diversity make the game fun. AP sejuani, zac, ezreal, trist, xin, poppy, sion, rengar. Please. I enjoy those things a lot, and every time you change 1 champ that i love. My way to play it is destroyed. And i need to find another champ. And you destroy it tooXD please, stop.
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