TP Nerf is necessary?

Everyone knows the bot lane adc bring{{summoner:12}} is the current meta,but why? Because riot nerf{{summoner:7}} 's cooldown and buff{{summoner:14}} .so no one is going to use{{summoner:7}} right now. Honestly, the reason that adc don't bring{{summoner:7}} is, tp is not worth to bring anymore,the extreamly long cd causes they can't deal with{{summoner:14}} or when their enemy adc bring{{summoner:12}} ,they can't actually beat the enemy with that.But now, in pbe.{{summoner:12}} 's cd has been increased by 60sec. Of cause it may stop the adc keep bringing tp.But it also affect the Top laners.If {{summoner:12}} 's cd is increase.TP is no longer worth for top laner anymore.And every top laner will bring the summoner spell like{{summoner:14}} ,{{summoner:3}} ,{{summoner:6}} .And which means, the tp ward is no longer important bc there are no one bringing tp. If Riot want to stop adc keep bringing tp, u may reduce the cd of{{summoner:7}} instead of increase the cooldown of{{summoner:12}} , the current situation is like.You find out something is op so you increase their cooldown,and bring the another thing become op.So you nerf it again by increasing their cooldown. But the result is,The ecology of the other lanes will be ruined.Or it will cause some champion become garbage. It just like a vicious circle.Please think again before you nerf{{summoner:12}} (PS: i'm a top main)
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