You can take this "higher then normal game traffic" crap and shove it up your ***

I don't care about excuses, i don't care about the bullshit, i don't care that you let a ton of level 10 trolling raging dodging toxic children into the PBE. I did not tell you to open the sign ups when you didn't listen the the few of us that were here all this time. unlike most people i'm not new i've had a PBE account for a while and before it was fine because it lasted a few hours and who i got paired with were usually cool players. now this crap has lasted literally almost a week and its getting retarded. nobody wants to play with the other randoms,nobody wants to fight over the new god damn champion in customs, nobody wants to sit in a 4 hour queue due to the new morons you let in dodging over not getting zoe,i will not deal with a mirror match i never play blind pick for a reason, if i set a custom to draft the kids dodge because i'm automatically first pick and got zoe. take the 2 person requirement down if your servers couldn't hold this many god damn players at once then you shouldn't have let them in to begin with. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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