ARURF Available for Testing

Hi folks! We've enabled ARURF for testing on PBE! > **ARURF, not URF?** In a [recent /dev article](, we talked about why running URF was _probably_ going to be a one-time experiment. Put simply: the results from that experiment aren't in yet. But we still want to deliver some rapid-fire fun in the meantime, and that's why we'll be turning on ARURF early next year. ________________________ ** New Stuff ** The Rise of the Elements is upon us, and ARURF is no exception! The Elder Dragon no longer rules the roost, and the elemental dragons are back in force. Elemental dragons: * Spawn at 4 minutes * Respawn after 2.5 minutes * Dragon Soul effect is doubled * Have increased Max HP, increasing further as the game goes on Like Summoner's Rift, Elder Dragons will appear after the Dragon Soul has been claimed, and grant the same execution buff. We've done another balance sweep, including new champions (hi, Aphelios!), and we'll continue to tweak ARURF the same way we do ARAM, with a goal that every champion has a winrate between 45-55%. ________________________ ARURF is enabled on the PBE now, so hop on and let us know what you think! {{champion:85}} **Riot Popc0rner**
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