Feedback Sightstone Removal

I managed to get a PBE games off before the servers shutdown for maintains. This are my findings and concerns so far: * Just as I theorized the new sightstone quest reward can be abused for solo laners: * Even before the changes things like {{item:3303}} Nasus mid still existed. Even with the removal of frostqueen in it's build path. It's still a very reasonable starting item in the midgame. In the state it's now in the pbe you could compair it with lategame vision rod of ages. It's weak early but if you manage to survive the earlygame it's very abusive. Even if it takes 30 minutes to stack. I still have my worries for the people that can get away with it. Keep in mind that {{item:3098}} also provides cdr making it about equal in price as a {{item:3108}} (50 gold cheaper for 10 less AP). Despite having all those disadvantages their or many theorized meta's this could become a problem. * {{item:3302}} was not long ago (and still is) an marksmen starting option. Despite the lose of the shield that you get from the quest reward. It has proven itself you can survive the lane fase with this as your starting item. With that fact in mind, in certain meta's a double sightstone botlane might not the thing you would be the most happy about. * {{item:3301}} I doubt we would ever see this as a starting item. But with how easy it is to achieve the quest. Some toplaners that are really far ahead might get away with this. * Part of the reason this road would be possible now is the reduction of the quest reward requirement. But there is a reason for this (see 2) * The sighstone quest is very snowbally. In the first game I played with it I managed to get the sighstone more than 5 minutes faster than my foe. I liked the additional controle I had over the game. Yet this also worried me. Having this much snowball potentional over vision seems very problematic for competive play. I need more games to figure out how abusive it is. I think some changes need to happen before releasing it to live: * Disable {{item:3303}} {{item:3301}} {{item:3302}} when a Doran's item ({{item:1055}} {{item:1054}} {{item:1056}}) is purchased. This can hold off some of the potentional abuse solo laners could have over it. * Further increase the cooldown of {{item:3303}} when killing a minion, potentional create a cooldown differents between {{item:3303}} & {{item:3098}}. To punish midlaners heavily for sitting on it. * {{item:3301}} chance of getting coins/mana decreases when the minion is not damage by an enemy champion. ##Drastic last resort suggestions I personally don't like this suggestion. But this would be the most suitable fix if relic shield ever becomes abusive. I just mention it here just in case it the situation would occur: * Long range melee class introduced. {{champion:412}} can now trigger {{item:3302}}, range auto attacks no longer heal yourself. #Bugs found so far * {{item:3098}} not always upgrade properly. In the game I played it transformed. But I didn't recieve any wards until I visit the base 2 times in a row.

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