I'm in tears.. Why is this happening

Since Yuumi came out I've been trying to actually get into a game and hopefully get her, I'm not exaggerating when i say this but each chance i get as her someone ALWAYS dodges. I don't dodge games so I'm stuck waiting the entire match to see if i get her next time. Kind people do sometimes select her for me but 100% of the time someone will dodge. Within the last 10 mins i managed to actually get her and get into a game only to find out it says reconnect because Riot have started maintenance for 2 hours. It's now 9:30 pm so I have to wait till 11:30 pm to then try grab her again out of the many attempts. Not to mention i have to be up at 7 am.. So I'm stuck waiting till tomorrow ;( this has actually really upset me, i finally get her after days of attempts then maintenance starts the moment the game starts.. As if today wasn't bad enough it just had to get worse.. Can people actually be given the same space they had before if someone is to dodge..
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