SG Xayah and Rakan: chroma names are confusing.

It's really confusing trying to pick matching chromas because they currently have mismatching names: - Turqoise Xayah goes with Ruby Rakan. - Aquamarine Xayah goes with Rose Quartz Rakan. - Ruby Xayah goes with Aquamarine Rakan. Could you consider changing the color names to thematic names instead, so the matching chromas share the same name? Here are a few suggestions: - Turqoise Xayah / Ruby Rakan => Planetary, Earth, Cosmos, Terra - Aquamarine Xayah / Rose Quartz Rakan => Starlight, Starfire, Aster, Void, Moonlight - Ruby Xayah / Aquamarine Rakan => Eclipse, Galaxy, Nova
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