After all the community feedback about Aatrox model and VO..

Captured with Lightshot
What did Riot do? absolutely nothing! I still can not believe that someone from the design team looks at this new model and says that it is better than the old of 2013, without doubt the worst rework in the visual and voice aspect, it is so difficult to admit that they did a horrible job in remodeling the character? Is it so difficult to do something so simple that the community is asking for? What's wrong with putting his freaking wings back on to see that it's hiding those awful thin legs? even basics animation, like stoping, rest, run to idle, are missing, This is what I call game developers who listen to their community. As one of the few people who really enjoyed playing with the character, this frustrates me a lot. It's really a shame. You guys have time to fix this, and i really hope so. This is my outburst because I know they're really not going to do anything, I see you guys in Akali's rework, hugs. {{champion:432}} and let's see what you guys do in Nunu. though worse than it is is not. {{champion:31}} #peace.
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