Kalista nerfs for no reason in PBE????

> Kalista: Sentinel (W): [Removed] No longer gains AD when near Oathsworn. She's trash everywhere rn. even in high elo. Her previous nerf in her attack range back in patch 8.5 made her unplayable with the lowest adc's win rate, so why Riot nerfing her again? How funny Riot just made her unplayable to deal with her ult / E. imo they should: 1. Rework her ult. (since it was op Especially competitive play) 2. Put a cap on the maximum stacks in objectives (Baron or Dragon) in her E. 3. Bring back her attack range to 550. 4. Remove her passive AAs deal 90% of her total AD that Riot added to her in patch 5.13. There is no reason to nerf her again. she is already the lowest win/pick/ban ADC in the game rn.

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