old quinn

so i tried a rengar revert and leblanc revert and it seems better than the reworked maybe we should do the same thing to quinn . i really miss old ultimate and was a strong ability also on cds of her skills q miss hits and can crit when you are valor . i mean that old quinn was so good like she used to be got nice damage specially with new items imagine old quinn with new lethality items when old quinn was oneshoting you with only yommus and now new one can kill you only with full lethality and if you use your q right. so guys what do you think ? if you dont want old quinn back i dont any problem just telling that i really miss old ulti and her assasin dmg and i will be really happy if hapend the same thing to quinn .just wanted to know your option about quinn tell me your options on coments.{{champion:133}}
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