Visual and Sound Effect updates to Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi

Summoners! On the PBE for testing this patch are updates to the visual effects (VFX) and sound effects (SFX) of four champions—Jarvan IV, Lee Sin, Veigar and Vi. These older champions have great character art or fun gameplay, but they were developed before we established guidelines for how effects should appear in the game. These guidelines include things like: making sure an ability's visual or audio representation matches its power relative to other spells, or using elements that clearly show the hitbox for a spell. You can read more about our guidelines for visual effects in our [Visual Effects Style Guide]( Older champions whose effects don't meet these standards can be confusing in a teamfight or harder to learn to play. Champions like J4, Lee Sin, Veigar, and Vi are prime candidates for VFX and SFX updates because their effects aren’t up to today’s standards, but they also aren't high-priority for full VGUs. We can update their VFX and SFX in a significantly shorter time than it would take to do a full VGU, which allows us to deliver this kind of update much faster. Here’s a breakdown of the updates you can expect to see on the PBE: Veigar Full upgrade of visual and sound FX. Q - Baleful Strike now clearly indicates the hitbox W - Dark Matter now feels appropriately like dark matter; explosion is 100% more satisfying E - Event Horizon walls now more accurately show the hitbox R - Primordial Burst is 200% more evil and burns the ground with its dark energy\ All Veigar skins that previously used base VFX have been updated to use the new ones Bad Santa Veigar and Leprechaun Veigar have also received an update to their unique VFX Lee Sin Full upgrade of visual and sound FX. Q - Sonic Wave’s VFX look less flickery; audio and visual FX are now more like a sonic wave W - Safeguard shield actually looks like a shield; scrolls received a visual upgrade E - Tempest now clearly indicates the hitbox R - Dragon's Rage has improved hit FX and leaves a fiery trail All Lee Sin skins that previously used base VFX have been updated to use the new ones Knockout Lee Sin's shield has been updated Pool Party Lee Sin's Q mark has been updated God Fist Lee Sin's E - Tempest now clearly indicates the hitbox Jarvan Full upgrade of visual and sound FX. Auto attacks - Jarvan's auto attacks should look and sound more powerful, particularly his Martial Cadence Q - Dragon Strike now clearly indicates the hitbox and looks suitably powerful W - Golden Aegis VFX are cleaner; the shield is more golden and glowy E - Demacian Standard's impact and glow effects have been upgraded R - Cataclysm has improved visuals that reduce noise; looks 100% less like poop on destruction All Jarvan skins that previously used base VFX have been updated to use the new ones Vi Visual effects cleanup and optimization—she should run much smoother on slower machines. Sound FX unaltered. W - Denting Blows’ shield icon has been reduced to an appropriate size for the importance of the armor shred debuff We’ve playtested these updates internally, and now we need your help—especially if you main one of these champions. Please try them out on the PBE and leave us your feedback here. There are a number of other champs whose VFX and SFX we’d like to update if these changes are well-received, so please help us to make these a success! Edit: Thank you skin spotlights for a video :) Edit 2: Please note that there is an unrelated audio bug meaning that some impact sound effects are not playing. We are currently investigating and will keep you updated.
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