URF ballance suggestions

I have a small list of suggestions for urf. 1.Lower cannon range to just behind outer towers. my reasoning, a lot of people cannon in on top of the enmey and forgetting the self stun and about how bursty this mode can be which lead to a lot of "accidental" feeding...it was funny the first 100 times but people are not learning still doing this quite a lot. 2.Defense could use a bit of urfing. While i understand the spirit of the mode to be crazy damage and cds. The defense items dont need to be good but maybe a little less bad. Defense items are just so much more worse then damage and active items due to all the free attack speed and cds. maybe throw them a bone and urf up some stuff on the resolve tree a bit.. like for example like giving conditioning could give a much larger bonus to like 20% or more extra armor magic res. 3. You should remove urf dragon all together or just make it give a bit of gold..The damage is all ready crazy we dont need the dragon buffs.(i know you toned them down a bit but..) The dragon buffs are ruining the urf experience. They add a lot of damage and hidden strength to the team that gets it. More often then then not the already winning team gets it. Leading to all most all games to be compete one sided stomps..neither side finds this fun at all..(expect maybe the those guys that like to say GGEZ) Despite my best efforts to explain how strong dragon is or how it is ALMOST a free auto win many people dont understand/believe this. And often times just dont contest it enough these forced interactions to battle over objectives that near auto win game in the first 10 min are bad for the game, they are unfun and unfair. I really dont want urf to be like this please remove all dragon buffs.i want to win and lose based off my play not the hidden strength of op buffs.(wasn't it not liking hidden stats/strength the the whole reason you reworked old sona and aura items??) 4.towers can go down to like 3 auto attacks at 20 min....some of this is the dragon buff but still its pretty sad how bad they are this is urf maybe the should get some urf buffs to make them like crazy strong at least for the base ones would be nice.. since they attack so maybe give them more attack speed true damg... some defense/hp. 5.most games end by 20 min again this is mostly duo to dragon buffs followed by baron...I hardly get like any games that get even close to 30 min. maybe make it _at least possible for a for the game to go longer._ would be nice as i get tired of just playing the same 10 min laning phase followed by a stomp... old versions of urf i used to get games that could go to 40 of even an hour they were always my most fun games.. indecisive back and forth games lots of late game fights where the game can go either way...that was fun. you know whats not fun? 20 min stomps and objective blitzes on 100% of the games.. this is not quite urf related but i have to say this. riot please end your crusade against the longer games and stalling tactics. end this madness of forcing interactions of objectives that give way to much power and basically auto win the games with crazy strong buffs and tons of gold.end your blatant favoritism for moble and early game champs. end the crazy snowballing that happens from a single early game mistake. it been almost 2 years with this horrible unfun meta please bring back the old league i just want to have fun again...
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