Nexus Blitz Feedback

So far, I really like the events that were recently added to this game mode. But I feel like there a couple of improvements that could be made. To be more specific: ** URF Deathmatch** I think that all champions should automatically hit level 6 if they haven't already when they are thrown into the arena. I believe the way things are now, if there is a slight discrepancy in XP between the competing teams, the team with the highest XP lead is more likely to hit level 6 earlier and win the event. Moreover, all cooldowns should be reset as well as it's quite frustrating to have your ultimate on a 60 sec cooldown when the event begins. **Prize Fight** You should be able to purchase items while you wait in line. Again, I hate being thrown into battle with just a D-blade, just because I was unable to recall in time to buy items. All the same, I really enjoy this game mode and I think Riot has done a great job improving it over the past few months. I'm also looking forward to its becoming a permanent game mode on the live servers --I really, REALLY hope it does.

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