Preseason Changes.

God these feel awful. Support items now make it so if you're behind you're no longer a champion YOU ARE FOOD. No hp. No stats to HELP you in the game. Just dead content as a support. New Klepto is now a TRAP - Please just remove it entirely. Players DO NOT read patch notes. And it is honestly the most garbage rune in the game. It's basically Alt + f4 when the loading screen happens if you see it to force a remake. {{champion:81}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:37}} now without a rune. New leathality items {{item:3181}} (I think its this one, or it looks like this one in PBE.) is actually overpowered. {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} are going to have a field day with ISOLATED EXTRA DAMAGE. Drakes literally force the game to ACTUALLY FEEL unplayable. Get 2 drakes and OOH look. Get a dragon map effect effect for free on the map!!! :D Hope everyone learns NEVER to take drakes so it wont ever happen but guess what people will anyway :) Infernal is OVERPOWERED for Red side Baron control. 1 ward = Blue side is now completely dismissed from baron ALL together. NEW entrance bushes make supports UNABLE to ward enemy jungle. Alcove make {{champion:35}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} UNKILLable and FORCE the lane to be INSTANT win for them. These changes are fucking garbage. Thank god I tried now so I can play Smite or learn Dota. The better mobas... Cause good lord... This balance team ain't it. And honestly. I wont be playing any other of your games since it seems balance is the least priority for the entire company.
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