Aurelion sol is way to strong and needs a nerf in TFT

Well its pretty much what the title says he is too strong at the moment and can pretty much become invincible, all you need is a shyvana and a phantom dancer and he can only take normal attack damage, he's not unbeatable but he's pretty darn close. I just played a game where I had assassin against a nobles comp + a-sol and I wasn't able to beat him until 7 out of 8 of my line up was lvl three which is insane. (btw the line up was Darius lvl 3 with thornmail, garden lvl 3 with morellonomicon the one thing that gives 83% magic resistance and a chain vest, pike lvl 3 with 2 zekes heralds and a force of nature, Evelyn lvl 3, reneger lvl 3 with guinsoos rage blade, Katerina lvl 3, kha'zix lvl 3 with static shyv, and zed lvl 2.) the fact that I couldn't win against him when he had only lvl 2 units (except a lvl 3 vayne with no items) is crazy and this is only one of the busted teams another is with yordle sorcerer shapeshifter which you have every yordle an a-sol shyvana and nidalee/swain the difference for this one is you sacrifice noble buff for yordle buff and although it makes a-sol a little less tanky you can't hit half the team and the other half is super tanky cause they gain more health from shapeshifter. pretty much a-sol fits into almost any comp and makes it 10x better, he is like what Draven was pre-nerf (even though Draven is still super strong its nothing compared to a-sol atm) and its just stupid because there is no hard counter to him and on top of there being no hard counter he also does a billion damage. overall he's just stupid crazy strong right now and guarantees at the very least top 3. so that's why he needs a nerf. I have a picture of the end screen so you can see that I'm not joking but I don't know how to upload that so if someone shares that I will upload that as well
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