Overcharge is not healthy fun

The map and overall theme of the game mode is on a level of its own. The gameplay itself however is not really fun or satisfying to play or win. It just encourages avoiding other players and playing PvE until one team gets overcharge and mows everyone else down. The Overcharge duration is way too long and doesn't reward you for surviving. for some 20-30 seconds you just don't get to play the game. Even when I got overcharge I didn't feel satisfied because it didn't require much at all to get. It's basically as worse version of ascension and bloodmoon put together. in bloodmoon everyone basically sat in each others jungle farming the upgrade but in this map you get overcharge faster and unlike bloodmoon there's no out play potential at all when you're invincible mowing the enemy down. Unfortunately probably my least favorite gamemode :/ I can go on about things I don't like but I think these are my biggest issues How do you guys feel about the new game mode?
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