New Upgraded Private Chat Rooms!

Hey all, Private, persistent chat rooms, now on the PBE for extended testing, are the latest effort at improving League’s social systems. The idea is to give you easier ways to stay connected with your core group of League players and we plan to expand on this feature for the next few months. Long-term, features we create should make it easier for you to find and get friendly with people you want to play with. For more on the vision for social systems in League, check out [this chat]( between some teammates and I. Persistent chat rooms will store any messages sent between members while you’re online and instantly be available when you log onto League. You can own one chatroom be a member of three at any given time. Once you set up a chat room, you can: * Name the chat room * Invite new members * Promote current members to officers (they can invite and kick members) * Demote officers back to members * Kick members Because this is PBE, we’ll be regularly pushing updates to the feature, and that means we’ll need to occasionally reset all of the chat rooms. We’ll let you know before we hit reset! Let us know if persistent chat rooms make it easier to stay connected and hit the Rift with friends! Also, bug reports - give us those here. :3 Thanks, Limely :3
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