Are tanks struggling? My experiences from the middle of the road...

People are generally more aggressive in preseason because they don't care about the consequences that much. As a WW player, nothing wets my appetite more than greedy preseason players trying to get another wave while at 20% HP. I'm not surprised that I'm doing better than in the regular season. However, it also feels like tank junglers just aren't as relevant as before. WW is good into other damage junglers like Lee Sin or Kha'Zix since he's a strong duelist but tends to struggle vs high CC champions (especially once teamfighting rolls around). The closest I've faced to a tank in the jungle was a random Warrior Poppy and she was indeed annoying. I played a decent amount of WW last season and frequently felt useless past 30 minutes vs Sejuani, Zac, Maokai etc.. I was basically CCed forever and couldn't do anything. Janna every other game certainly didn't help either. Now, I can basically do whatever I want (except vs Xin, J4, Jax, Shaco and a few others). Nearly everyone is squishy and CC is much lower. It's quite freeing for a melee. The meta is fantastic for me but it feels a bit weird to have this gap in team compositions. Maybe this is just the meta Riot wants but I think tanky champions need a bit of help. They are certainly still great to have late game but what seems to be happening is that they struggle too much with the early game or clear and games end before their strengths can be fully utilized. Obviously, they do need weaknesses since every team would prefer a Sejuani to a Lee Sin at 40 minutes but I think it needs to at least be investigated carefully.
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