Stuck in queue forever

Stuck in queue forever (for the past week) so I can't even go in game and test anything. I go to boards to see if others are having the same problem and notice they are but I can't even up vote or comment on their posts. What's going on? Google says Riot games has 2,500 employees are they all on winter break? I don't see any Rioters on the boards replying to people with this bug or any bug in the past week. You guys make 1.6 billion dollars annually where is all that money going too? Maybe pay devs more so they do their jobs better :( I think you guys should open URF or All Random URF forever on pbe :) If not on pbe at least do it on live since it's preseason (For 2 months...) and people aren't trying or they are trolling because it doesn't matter making games extremely frustrating/one sided.

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