We want an updates schedule.

That's just it, we need an update schedule, we can't tell when PBE is gonna be fixed, when Twisted Fate is going live, and other stuff. The forum is mostly empty by now because most gave up on the force draws caused by movement bugs (no units attacking) specifically in PBE TFT and stuff like that. We get it, it is a beta test site for a beta game, but we kind of want to know when we can comeback to play stable in it, because the live servers are stable, units move around quite nicely, but in PBE is too much of a chaos, I can't rely on getting rapid fire cannons (more range = more chance it doesn't bug) all games... We want to test the game, we really do, but the meta in PBE is all messed up cause of game breaking bugs. Thanks for the attention, I'm out... {{summoner:4}}
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