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No plans to change Fizz. Ain't that cute. Here's the exact feed back: You gave us a lemon when we had asked for an apple. When you touched Fizz for the first time we asked for a legitimate rework instead of the changes that were purely meant to handicap the champion. We've begged and pleaded, but you just simply have something against fizz I guess. Then long down the road here comes a W change followed by a post saying "We're not reworking or touching this champion so take this and fuck off". What sort of magic did riot work this time? We got the same exact Lemon but this time it was painted Red! Mechanically this doesn't change anything about how he's played. You're still hard locked out of your practical levels of damage by a timer which you have to wait out or play around your horrid ult in order to make use of. It has a 1 second timer compared to 2 but the damage was intelligently lowered to compensate with an even harder handicap than waiting around an extra second. Your damage increases by a % based on the enemies missing HP. Actually what's also funny is that it's not even a solid 1 second because it's still split between 2 auto attacks, both of which take up swing time during the AA animation. If we're talking an optimal situation where your W is in full force then you're looking at about a 17% total increase in the active damage over the old W, but in order for that to happen the enemies HP has to be low enough to proc the full effect. If not then what you're left with is less damage than before. Fizz is already plagued by mechanical issues with his kit that forces him to often sacrifice or miss damage in his kit, specifically the mess that is his E and R. Then you also have the trash can of an ability that is his Q which still remains one of the only simplified targeted dashes still in the game and one of the only 2 dodgeable ones to my knowledge. So in all practical gameplay there is rarely any situation where fizz will pre damage a target to the extent of being able to proc his full W damage, as such in the end he'll almost always end up with less W damage than his current iteration. Another fun way they nerfed him was by removing the CD reset and splitting the mana refund passive between the auto's. So now his early game laning capability, which was already one of the worst in game, is now even more terrible because he can't use his W to farm as much and if he misses 1 last hit out of 2 he ends up with painfully higher mana costs.
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