HUD Changes for 7/24 PBE build

We've received a lot of good feedback and have made some adjustments to the HUD to test out before the next release: - Cooldown timers now take the entire skill square (no longer circular) - We've made the CD timers go from full to empty to better show cooldown time (vs. fill up) - Off cooldown flash has been changed in color (gold) and reduced in animation length - Multiple sounds have been removed or softened (skill up, scoreboard open close, player stat window open close) - Some fonts have changed -- Please note we've just implemented a new font system and are going through and tuning all the places fonts are displayed. There's still a lot of polish left to do but we wanted to get it out and tested on PBE as we iterate - Changed crit and attack range in the character stats page (crit now displays in bottom left of base window and attack range in bottom left of extended stat window) Things we're looking to get out early next week: - Adjusting color of OOM and CD to have differentiated colors - Ongoing font work (both color/shadow and size/typography) - More space between ally portraits and minimap (and making portraits bigger) - Level up animation color differentiation and animation shortening Thanks, -Chager

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