Aatrox Q and R needs more clarity [Clarity Issues]

Aatrox Q and R lacks clarity, they don't reflect me nothing, no damage, no utility, etc. For example, Aatrox Q only says that it deals damage and can cast it additional 2 times with increased damage. But these 2 other casts have different effects, other AoE type and also how mucho damage is second cast doing? how much damage is third cast doing? If I don't use the other two casts, what's the duration window before ability goes on cooldown? It should be like this: _________________________________ **Q: The Darkin Sword** Aatrox smash the ground and can be cast three times within x seconds **First Cast:** Aatrox smash the ground the ground, etc... **Second Cast:** Aatrox sweep the ground again in a cone in front of him, etc... **Third Cast:** Aatrox smash/jump to the ground in a circular form, etc... _________________________________ **and Aatrox R looks worse. ** It says "gives increased movement speed for the first 1 second" (???) um, how much movement speed? it is flat? it is %? "Gives Increased damage" ... only plain text, but how much damage? flat AD? % AD? _________ anyways, i like the rework, everything looks great, just wanted some clarity adjustments. Love you, team <3

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