Nexus Seige, Thoughts ands Feedback (and downright love for this new game mode)

First things first this mode is AMAZING. i have not had this much fun in league in a LONG time. this map is TRULY very good and i will be devastated if it doesn't become a permanent game mode. You have made something truly wonderful here. But here is some feedback and warnings. first off do NOT do to this map what u did to "Ascended" which was alienate the entire playerbase who loved the game by changing a large aspect of the game. (aka making {{champion:101}} drop a token) this took away ALL the skill of a steal and when the proper and safe times to attempt him. this one change completely ruined the an utterly fantastic game mode. Do NOT do this is "nexus siege" the map itself needs some visual improvements... the area behind the spawn platform looks aweful, would be my biggest issue. blue buff location is way too close to a lane and infact jungle aggro is rather weird as they camp can reset when swapping aggro between u and your other jungler. idk exactly how to fix this last part. but it needs to be addressed blue and red buff just reset WAY too often although blue does WAY more because if its location i woudl like a little less blast cones and a little more scryers bloom/ honeyfruit the blast cone chain into a perfect 3 blast cone escape near red buff, that seems a bit excessive. blue buff is just too hard to take because it proximity to the top lane and it being visbale from lane... maybe if u added a bush on the bottom side of blue buff as well, so the laners couldn't see you taking it it might be better. i do like the other bush locations but i do think they should be slightly bigger my only other concern is the quests.. while i DO love them there is ONE which i REALLY dislike and that is "walking nexus" i have only ever had this quest spawn once... but when it did... it happened about 5 seconds after 4 of us on our team died... and had long death timers. this left the 5th person alone and forced to protect it. i dont like this idea of a quest at all. trying to protect something which is walking into the enemy base whole at the same time trying to kill theirs... its really chaotic and really not fun at all one my last points would be how "stompy" or "one-sided" this mode feels i did have that ONE even match, and this could very well be due to the match making not having as many players on pbe to choose from. but most matches, while tremendous fun, have been pretty one sided. i had one more point but at the moment i forgot it so I'll add it when i remember. but thank u so much for this AMAZING new mode
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