No one is doing anything to fix the lag on PBE.. *sigh*

Let me clear some things out. I understand that Riot is busy fixing more important things than some lag on PBE. But I'm starting to get really annoyed at the fact that more than 70% of EU players (including even other region players) are making threads about the crazy MS lag that hit PBE recently and Riot is simply ignoring that and doing nothing about it. I'm quite frustrated that I can't test the new skins or anything else because of the crazy lag. No one even knows what's the reason behind it. Is it the new patch that made the lag appear or did Riot simply transfer the main server from Chicago to Los Angeles without telling a single thing. If so why did they have the urge to change the server location? For what reason exactly? I'm really getting annoyed at the fact that nothing is being done about it even if thousands of players around the world can't have a normal MS. No one is informing anyone about it nor doing anything about it. Seriously Riot no hate or offense, but like can you do anything about that? At least inform us about what happened exactly. I was patient for 2 days, but now I think that it may be a long time before the MS gets back as it was before since no one is doing anything about that. Is it really worth so that thousands upon thousands of players can't play on PBE and test out stuff?
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