Feedback on Changes to hunters talisman, and jungle EXP

{{item:1039}} changes are an absolute godsend, thank you so much.. it means i can finally give my blue buff to mid lane as an ap champ however, it does make me think that {{champion:427}} may need some compensation as i am pretty sure he builds {{item:3174}} and losing that 225% would likely hurt him on another note... i have noticed.. 3 camps wont hit me lvl 3 unless one of those camps is krugs although the changes to {{item:1039}} make jungling as an ap champ MUCH more viable. this is particularly scary for me as a {{champion:76}} main becuase i dont get pounce until lvl 3 becuase it nearly impossible to do without getting executed if u dont take heal 2nd. this would change leaves her HORRIBLY open to an invade. because without pounce she cannot trade or escape what what otherwise be a lvl 2 invade. it also means that she wont have pounce up for raptors if going from blue gromp wolves raptors.. which in turn would make her take even more damage from a camp that is normally very easy for her to do. as such i really dislike the changes to the jungle EXP it should matter which side u start, if u clear red side first or clear blue side first 3, camps should hit you level 3...
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