Aatrox's Joke

currently Aatrox's "joke" is still the same as it was before the rework. This doesn't work for a few reasons... 1, Aatrox's weapon is holstered on his back so when you "activate" the joke his weapon all of a sudden appears in his left hand 2, Because it appears in his left hand, when the animation is "finished" it transfers to his right which he uses it to holster his weapon alongside a "hopping" animation. 3, There are no voice lines. This one is pretty self explanitory, Aatrox has no "jokes" all of his jokes seem to be attached to his taunt an example would be the quote about him being "like a demon but more edgy right? because im a sword" thats..not really a taunt, that would fit more into the joke category. Previously you could hear what i'd call "grunts" but..with recent testing in training mode today i couldnt get any grunts to come out of his joke Not sure what the deal is with this also not sure if this is quite a bug or not. I also couldn't find any other posts regarding this even after using the search function so i apologize if there is another thread that goes over this
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