Senna Q Free Aim

Hi everyone and hi Riot, I think Senna's targeting of Q should be free, because if an opponent is moving sideways, Senna could adjust her aim in front of them and hit them. And opponents might change their direction, Senna could miss and it would be funny. Skilled players could hit more than one person more often by aiming in between them. Free aim will deepen Senna. Finally, right now, it is a bit hard to set Senna's Q off. The ability aims but the cursor needs to be above her target when the Q button is released. Otherwise, the Q does not go off. I hope it could be fixed. It is just a little tricky to set off right now. Edit: I think the problem with Q being hard to set off is gone. If Riot fixed this, I am very grateful. Ty!! I was able to quickly save someone from the Turret. Putting down a ward for clutch plays, might work. I haven't tried it though. Finally, ability power works great on Senna's heal.
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