ARURF - randomness and banned champions

I understand the "All Random" part of ARURF was introduced because everyone would pick the "god-tier" champs all the time. By now I doubt it has the desired effect though. I've encountered Garen in the opposing team for the third time today. Everytime he outscaled us massively and with most champions I am not able to take him down at all. Similar problems appear with other champs; Azir comes to mind. There simply are some champs that are way stronger then others. ~~Though: If champions like Sona are banned, shouldnt Garen and Azir be banned too?~~ The AR of ARURF is making this imbalance even worse. Many games are decided at champion select, as one team often has more "god-tiered" champions then the other and wins. It's actually quite similar to ARAM, but with the snowballing escalating even worse. --- Having said that: In the end I'd rather have no champion banned at all. In the first ARURF (2017?) I noticed some champions having specific changes - mostly nerfs that made them less overpowered. While this is not ideal, i vastly prefer that method over simply banning champions. Please think about removing more champions and then reintroducing them with clever mini-nerfs & -buffs! [Edit: By that i mean things like reducing charge time for VI's Q-Charge (i.e. 1.25s => 0.5s) and a minimum CD for Fiddle's Q-Fear. Simply fiddling around with Helth values and Damage percentages is not fixing anything...!] --- So... Please - keep random mode. - add "Blind Pick" - add "Draft Pick". - put a little bit of effort into unbanning champions (mini-nerfs & buffs to champions skills, instead of stats) - make URF a permanent Mode! ;) --- To end with something nice: I really like the cannon idea!
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