I'm actually going to quit the game if the Garen changes go live.

Literally every single game I play I have to fight Garen. I'm on a 6 game loss streak because the Garen is never on my team. If you put any amount of healer on your team there is literally nothing you can do against them. Can't unrun, can't outrange him with ranged champions because hes too fast, can't outdamage him because he just builds BoRK and one shots everybody. Tahm Kench being able to press Q to stun and then W to eat was too overpowered, but Garen literally pressing E and then walking next to you is balanced. If they actually put this on live servers when they wouldn't put the Teemo changes on live, I'm quitting this game. Its actually fucking laughable that this shit makes it past the development team, yet Tahm is considered by the entirety of the Tahm Kench community to be in a literally unplayable state right now.
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