LETS ALL START WITH SWAIN SWAIN even if he is fed and everything he cant one shot or kill someone with his abilities since his combo its hard to manage to put it all together i have a good idea for riot the w swain if he grab somebody with his e the w cast get a reduction and it cast faster . q need to get more damage or more range swain ulti its risky ulti should get more damage . syndra syndra poor champ these days we miss the old syndra this champ get nerfed till nobody play it lol . kindred this champ get destroyed and nerfed from all his abilities till nobody play it irelia the rework of irelia it become more useless lol XD bullshit rework. zoe while zoe not Nerfed it have busted damage in midlane . riot mentality to buff noob champs and nerf those champs get played in lcs or lck or in worlds or in any other place . they buff master yi and warwick and jax and xin and .... and they nerf those champs have skills. yes and a team full of tanks win against a team with no tanks tank bro you win . these damming penetration where is it i dont see any penetration these days or armor penetration . lol become trash .thats the conclusion
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