These boards are out of control.......

This is suppose to be a test server...not a playground! So why is everyone complaining about this champ is doing this and this champ is doing that or disable IE in urf because i don't know how to flank and keep getting ruined......Ofcourse champs are gonna be easy wins with in urf...ITS FUCKING URF. Its just nonstop disable this and disable that......hows about yall just remove the gamemode and not add it at all cause that seems to be what they want you to do....whittle it down to basically nothing expect the champs they wanna play or not play person asked for all tanks, someone else asked for crit be removed and another person even had the audacity to ask for no items in urf at all..... I'm convinced yall love to whine and love to make it seem like if YOU aren't happy then no one should be.. Please its a test server that they give you everything for FREE......Chill out {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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