PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Sugar Rush Zilean

**Sugar Rush Zilean** https://imgur.com/CUur5kL Hello gamers, it’s KiWiKiD again with the awesome Sugar Rush Zilean skin! Can’t wait for this timely ol’ man to ult me when I’m on the brink of death. He’s got: **New model and textures -** Featuring a sleek new clock. **New Spell VFX -** to express his chocolate-loving soul. **New SFX -** New or additional SFX on all spells! The E is my personal favorite. **New recall animation -** Watch a baker in masterly work. **Sugar Rush Zilean** is now available on PBE! Go forth and show some players the way. Report back here with any bugs that occured or feedback that you have. If you’ve got any questions, you know who to call. Me! **Sugar Rush Zilean** is currently set at 1350 RP (subject to change)
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