Suggestion for PBE regarding Accounts getting hacked all the time

Hello, my PBE Account was hacked at the beginning of the month and I did not know about it until 2 days ago. I have it back allready. My Email was changed without me getting notified so the person was playing almost a full month on my PBE account before i found out by not beeing able to login. Isn't it possible when your Email is getting changed by whoever you will get an Email to your current Email adress with a text like: Your Email of your PBE LoL Account *NAME* was changed to *EMAIL ADRESS*. If this wasn't you klick HERE to revert the action. Ps. 2 of my friends accounts were hacked too. Both including mine were registred through the LoL website where you need to be Honor Level 3 to create a PBE Account. So they are all linked to our Main Accounts on Live.
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